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Fretless Moog guitar for sale on ebay

Fretless Guitar Moog

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Posted 09 October 2017 - 01:14 PM

Fretless Moog guitar for sale on ebay for £1500




Here is what the seller says about it....

This is a reluctant sale and I may withdraw. 

This has been defretted as equal temperament is a crime against the foundations of harmony and some of us need more than 12 set notes, and because one of the issues with fretless guitars is lack of sustain... if people know what this instrument does you know that's not a problem. 
I NEVER thought I would sell this instrument so the de-fretting is not cosmetically perfect but it is totally smooth to play. I do have all the original frets if someone wished to re-fret the instrument. 
PROBLEMS (and reasons I am selling this for less than £6000).
This is not why I am selling, I had every intention to have this fixed up and may still do so but as I am trying to fund a van purchase and start a new life (in the van, for now) I realised perhaps I should just let go of this most beloved instrument. 
First very minor problem is that one piezo pick-up has stopped working, on the lowest string. fairly cheap and easy to replace. 
Second still fairly minor but slightly more annoying problem: Plugged into some places and on certain pick-up settings there can be an odd, rhythmic thumping noise come through. I have no idea what this is or how it developed. I have spoken with Taylor from Moog and arranged to send the guitar to them to fix. He said they would not charge for labour, only for any parts needed, and that this should be pretty cheap as it should be a minor fault with the circuit. 
So, I have two options. I either sell this for way less than it's worth, get some needed money, and probably seriously regret it as these are going to be super rare and this is kind of the ultimate fretless isntrument, and the buyer can take over with Moog and have it fixed up. OR, I can send it off to Moog before I leave England and one day be reunited with this world of wonder. 
I'm not likely to go any cheaper than my listing here, despite the noted issues, as even with this in mind this is a beautiful instrument and worth a lot more. The repairs should cost no more than a couple of hundred pounds, probably a lot less, but I couldn't get a set quote without it being first checked by Moog. 
So, here's your chance at one of these at a price which is still a bargain and a lot less than was originally paid. 
also: I would prefer bank transfer but if paypal is the desired payment for buyer protection that's fine if the buyer pays the fees (roughly 4%). 
 Collection in person is preferred but I can get it well packaged for a courier and that should be fairly cheap. 
If you want to read a review of the Moog guitar, see here: moog-guitar

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