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Removeable Fingerboards

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#16 Broomy


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Posted 23 November 2018 - 07:10 PM


I like the sound of the tuning. Would love to hear a clean recording. Maybe you can play something in all twelve keys so we can hear the increasing complexity of each key.

The Quintar Project:
- Popularizing an all fifths tuning for guitarlike instruments
- Youtube: Playing and Building
- Files: Sourceforge

#17 Tom M Culhane

Tom M Culhane

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Posted 23 November 2018 - 10:53 PM


I actually had that idea last week, played this short passage and moved everything over one fret and replayed it down the fretboard... but by like the 6th key it became too sterile, you know like if you played a song you like over and over you become desensitized.


Logicpro lets you tune your keyboard as you wish for 12 tone as I understand it, and Jeff mentioned something about Roland gear also.


I think there's a free Scala program online I used 5 or 6 years ago before I bought a digital piano and software to play this stuff. I used it with the computer keyboard and sent this piano tuner three minor chords played in each of the 12 keys. So maybe people can find inexpensive ways to experiment.


Not sure if I can come up with clean recordings until I get this guitar neck worked out...

#18 Tom M Culhane

Tom M Culhane

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Posted 04 December 2018 - 07:59 PM

OK this is a pretty clean recording, in slow motion as usual, using a key that uses all 5 of the notes (34 38 42 51 57 hertz) that are different than the standard just 7 (24 27 30 32 36 40 45). Some interesting harmonies, and free artwork of course:


The luthier I've talked to is swamped so my project is on hold.


My digital music days are over. I've used a digital piano and software to move this project along the last 5 years, but never felt good about digital music. I believe it agitates your system rather than soothing and healing, and found a doctor online giving a speech in 1980 saying the same thing. To each his own.


So you can see the Vox amp and tubescreamer pedal I'm using these days in that vid last week. The amp's 4 watts and I believe "class A" with one power tube and two preamp tubes. Hopefully I got it right with all the conflicting info out there. I was looking for that old school analog tube sound and waves. I think I got it right. It really feels healing sitting on the floor playing.


Of course the internet is all digital but I can use that just to communicate. If my would be band The Clocksmiths (4 goofs dressed in medieval garb playing ancient tunings with ancient images surrounding a dancefloor, the grooves hauntingly beautiful but always kick into very danceable rhythms...) ever gets going, our music will be on cassettes. I realize as usual I'm off the beaten path but no problem.

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