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New tune, "Jovano" , Balkan raga

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#1 Kai


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Posted 19 December 2011 - 03:44 AM

Feeling a bit sheepish at not having posted here for a while (the distractions of Facebook…)

But here's a new tune, especially for those not my FB friends, which features a bit more of my fretless playing than usual (my standard caveat to people being Zappa's quip, "I'm a composer who happens to play guitar"; i.e. I don't feel compelled to play it on everything I do.)

The guitar is the Strat I bought from Tom Baker a few years ago, to which I added a Roland GK pickup so I could use it with the VG-99. But here it's just straight Strat, pickup switch in the position between neck and middle, through a nice little preamp that's in channel 1 of my new soundcard (an RME Fireface 800) and further processed by one of Ableton Live 8's guitar processing modules ("Purple Chain", tweaked a bit by me.)

I'm always pleased at how much this guitar still sounds like a Strat, despite the lack of frets; it's only a bit darker than a fretted (and that's probably partly due to my use of Rotosound flatwounds.) My nailstop technique probably helps; playing with the meat of the fingertip would kill much of the overtones as well as the sustain I get with the nails.

Also, as always these days, I run an FX send to Rob Abernathy's (MusicUnfolding's) xResonance virtual sympathetic strings plugin, with the "strings" tuned to just intonation intervals, using Alain Danielou's sruti tuning tables as a guide.

The scale is basically a C# Dorian mode with a sharp 4th (or you can look at it as a G# harmonic minor - Raag Kirwani, which I'm currently studying, in the Indian tradition - over a C# root):

C# D# E G (or F##) G# A# B C#

I decided to give this scale ("thaat" (silent "h") in the Indian nomenclature - there are many ragas, derived from a few parent thaats) the raga treatment in this solo.

The vocal samples (from MOTU's Ethno software instrument) from which I derived the scale are, as I found out from a bit of googling, some improv lines from a traditional Macedonian folk song, "Jovano, Jovanke". I just love this style of singing.

Jovano on Soundcloud.
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#2 jahloon



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Posted 20 December 2011 - 12:43 AM

WoW! Pretty damn good.

My good lady burst into the studio declaring I was playing Balkan music - samples are way cool.

Must start saving to buy that MOTU.

Best, j
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#3 cchhrriisstt


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Posted 20 December 2011 - 10:55 AM

I really liked !! Really cool and relaxing !

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