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Gallery - Edward Powell

T H E   G A L L E R Y

E D W A R D   P O W E L L

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Edward Powell

Edward Powell Live

One of our keen contributers, Edward Powell, playing live
and proving fretless guitarists can get gigs.


Born of the forbidden coupling of Guitar and Indian Sarod, behold "SARTAR".
This is a very large instrument, we can count fourteen string winders on its
enormous head, it looks quite a beast, and we are told it growls large.

Ed & the SARTAR

And here is the creator of the SARTAR, Edward Powell.

Ed & the OUD

Edward Powell, with his creation; the 14 string Baritone Oud

Ed & the Three Necked Guitar

Edward Powell, with another magnificent creation; the Three Necked Guitar

Edward Powell - Profile - Unfretted's profile
Edward Powell - Artist's Page
Hall of Sounds - Four great tracks
The Philosophy behind the Fretless Guitar - Edward Powell
contact: Edward Powell

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The seminal fretless guitar album, 35 tracks from 17 countries.
Double CD with 16 page illustrated insert detailing all artists.
Over two and a half hours of ground breaking music. (not many left)

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